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IMAN SHUMPERT lyrics : "Dear Kendrick"

K.Dot - shout out to you for this, kid
For filling the problem, get a stool and an apple juice for this kid

It's about time people know that I existed
You allowed me a platform and you're about to see some (*##$in'
Kevin Johnson smash trick, ooh, he's so vintage

Two-headed monster, ay man, I'm gifted
Pete Rock vouched for me, better watch out for me
I think my following so popping it'll be the lights for me

So bright it'll shock the faces of every listener
Wishing they had a seat by the bench just to catch a glimpse of us
See Swish step back and me catch a gripping to you

See Melo 3 to the temple them
See, that's the difference
I see it from both perspectives, my attitude is aggressive

Don't know why I'm so competetive - but I am
Got dammit, you could tell that I planned it
Them X-Men come help me take over the planet

Boy, we talking about it
Reach in my bag, pull out heavy artillery
Let it all out verbally 'til people say they feelin' me

Like Janet Jackson !@%$ stole the show at the Superbowl
Batman - Arnold Schwarzenegger, boy, I'm super cold
And I'm kind of sober people tweeting I ain't spitting like a gym teacher with a hangover

You better get your flame thrower
This elevated, this ain't normal
Can't listen to these dudes cause they boring

TDE taught 3ABM to do it ourself, we don't need no help
Better hope that they don't give me no belt
I'm trying to feel the love Nino felt

This for the kid with the big dreams
That got on the 14's cause it feel like his last shot
Ooh, I smack a critical

23 years worth of working on my craft cause that's all I saw my dad do
Wish that I could snatch you out the MacBook you glued to
And kick you in the face 'til it bruise blue, who knew?

Iman had so much to say and so much that we wanna do
A splendid individual standing right in front of you
With the FLOTUS' husband chest stuck out at the podium

But Phil Jackson a legend, I ain't voting you
Woody is approachable, you see the goon he turned into
You scouted him and he circled you

Locked you in like valuables at hotels
And he say as a Knick, don't let you say that
You the king of New York since '007, don't play that

That's the big homie, I hope the Knicks spend on me
So I can keep the same jersey I came in with
King Sway

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