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IMAGES lyrics : "Depths of Perdition"

Where am I now
I've been up wandering nightly, blindness is my fall.
How can I change

This path is leading nowhere death is in my grasp.
my eyes are glazed
Where can I find some comfort living in this hell?

Where can I go
Addiction holding tightly never letting go.

Just sit back enjoy the high

Addiction pulls me in towering over me breathe.

All my life struggling with this pain where am I
I say breathe.

We all need to come to the realization that we are all selfish human beings
We are not
We are not, not even an ounce of worth.

Far from home I see you running towards me
Scared alone looking for an answer.

Expressions on your face are breaking slowly
Never wanting to go back to where you were.

Where are you?

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