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IMAAKI lyrics : "5Am In Hell"

Growing Up Mi See Me Self As A Change,
Fi Make A Better Way, So Thingz Wont Be The Same,
Make A Promise In Mirror Say That Me Nah Guh Fail,

Never Give Up Still Holding Fi 21 Years,
Still A Persist, No Pretence,
I Will Make A Difference,

This Curse Me Ago Break It,
BKaz Honestly Mi Hate It,
And Mi Nah Make None A My Kidz Come Face The Same Thing,

Weh Me Face, And Then Turn Round, Tell Dem Say Mi Love Them.
Pre We History, Its Been Poverty,
From Me Past Grand Parents Passed Down To Me,

Well This Is Where Its Stopping,
Red Light In The Traffic,
Tired Fi See Me Siblings Living Unhappy,

Tired A This Hopeless Feeling In Mi Heart,
BKaz Mi Really Want To Help, But Honestly Mi Cant,
Its Like Watching Me Bredda Die,

And Know Mi Cannot Save Him, This Pain Is,
Driving Me Insane, Me Cannot Take It,
My Heart Keeps Aching,

Kaz Me Feel Like Mi Failing,
Filled With Self Hatred,
Mi Nuh Use The Mirror Lately,

Mi Reflection Shame Fi Face Mi,
Kaz Me Cannot Save Him,
Him Just Shame Me,

And Sometimes Me Feel Like Fi Hide Mi Self.
Mi Just Waah Make A Better Life Before Me Dead,
Fimmi Sisters And All A Me Bredda Dem,

Give Me Kidz All The Thingz Weh We Never Get,
So Mi Nuh Affi Full Up Nuh White Lies Inna Dem Head.
Over The Yearz Watch Mi Sister Grow Up,

Right Now Me Nuh Call Har Phone Anymore,
Mi Promise Mi Woulda Change Things,
Still Nuh See Nuh Changes,

While The Hour Class Pan The Table Getting Empty,
Mi Affi Save Har, The World A Comsume Har Soul,
Affi Do It Quickly, Need Fi Move More Swiftly,

Consciousness Of This Make Me Waah Fi Do Thingz,
Like Rob A Bank, Nuh Care If Mi Die In The Process,
Already Dying Slowly, Painful And Depressing,

If Mi Die Like This Mi Soul Nah Get Nuh Resting,
Have A Mission Fi Accomplish,
Affi Finish Mi Journey,

Affi Set Thingz Right Fi The Generation Comin,
Affi Make Me Father Proud,
Make Me Mother Smile,

Wipe The Tearz From Har Eyes,
Kaz Mi Know She A Cry,
When She See All A Wah Me Affi Face,

Kaz If She Was Here,
Things Wouldnt Be The Same.

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