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Illscarlett : N.t.f. lyrics

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Illscarlett lyrics : "N.t.f."

This time I suggest, You and I devise a plan,
Just a means to escape all the pain and all sufferin'.
Got so much %#@! on my plate and you sayin' we should wait,

now the more that I agree the more I'm dyin' inside.
You weren't thinkin' bout me when your on a holiday,
You weren't thinkin' bout me when he's callin' out his name,

And I've been around the world, and I've seen so many girls,
And I'm watched all the ways, but they move nothing like you,

This time she said its over.

She said next time forever.
I can't explain, I'll take the blame,
I brought this all on myself.

Visions that I've seen, always haunt me in my dreams,
They say that you two just friends,

Oh, that's not the way it seems.
And it's not like I'm tryin' to be up all night,
Just trying to come to terms with all the love I've lost.

Let's go!
It's just a path that tests the life we're takin' baby.
If I can make it through our changes, ohhh.

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