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ILLOGIC : Me vs Myself lyrics

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ILLOGIC lyrics : "Me vs Myself"

This is a little tale I like to tell, everybody
About me, and when I finally meet my match on the battle scene

Check it out, yo

Now I was strolling down the block blessing my mind with freestyle scriptures

In battles I emerged triumphant within my mental pictures
Then there's a tap on my shoulder, a cipher appears from thin air
Crews form circular groups on blocks to shock the cyclops, Illogic me

Cats gave daps and formal introductions of rap names
As I made my way to the center I heard this kid bustin
He flipped dope syllables and colloquialisms line after line

Rhyme style was undefined but it reminded me of mine as I listened more intently
He didn't offend me, cuz son was kind of fresh
But, as far as Illogic's style goes, Illogic does it best

So, I stepped closer to the center, but yo, do my eyes deceive me?
Now, for this next line, most of y'all cats won't believe me
But he reflected my identity perfectly to a T

I was sent, I couldn't move just because
of the sheer amazement of the symmetry between me and he
An exact replica

In one line, he said his name was Illogic
So you know I had to step to the imposter

Yo, what what? You think you me?
What's this? You ain't Illogic
You ain't the dopest emcee in the universe, punk

You need to...yo, we gotta settle this by battling
What's the deal? What's up?

The site of this imitation has me squeamish
Soon I'll excavate lunch from my sto-mach
You couldn't attempt to burn me because you're no match

[Illogic 2]
Yo, yo, yo

Hold that cat you're wack so being you is not an option
Cuz I rock you, so my superiority stays clear like fiber-optics
So stop this treasonous misbehavior

You better call your savior if you think defeating me's worth the try
As I speed up the purpose of the process of your life: to die
The cipher and I are one and the same

Another one in the flame, I'm toasting
In life, hip hop's a parasite, and it's obvious I'm hosting

Yeah, it's obvious you're roasting in my presence
As I heat up the spot with my explosive effervescence

Lessons in identity
Being me is impossible, to be you, you strain

[Illogic 2]
Yeah right, I'm you
With the height of my IQ you think I'm off the brain

I run insane emcees out the realm of sanity
You're not even worth the oxygen I bless you with
So, as I live I've been given the gift to concentrate

And make the fake Illogic levitate off the face of the earth
For what it's worth, I'll abort you mom's face from birth to nullify your existence

What? Whatever...
You're not even clever enough

I spit verses at you in 3-D
Lyrics get complex as pyramids or as simplistic as teepees
You wanna be me so bad you can taste it

So watch your mouth or I'll slap the taste
My tongues the pencil, and the wack has been erased

[Illogic 2]
Yo, yo you crazy chasing dreams

(?) Word is chance, chase the coal (?)
You're already feminine
So when it's that time of that month you can't even come with a flow

That shows your lack of skill
You're wack at will
So I guess you'll will it off
And with no delay, I guess you got nothing left to say
The real Ill has sealed the coffin, punk

What?! What now?
(That's cool, you got me)

Yo, this is for all the kids that be biting the third
Biting our joints, biting our shows

You know what's I'm saying?
This joint proves that the only person dope enough to defeat us is us
You know what' I'm saying?
This verse is for y'all punks
Check it out

Yo, yo now

Now are you done yet?
I hope so, cuz my next step is to stick a fork in ya
In the road, the end of the road

Forks five di-mensional
I'm tri-di-mensional
You should try di-mensional thinking
Cuz you're shrinking
Must be losing tall props
It all stops when the phenomenal instance, so it's logical if the ball drops

In your your team's first string
It's yours if I pull the first string to string you along
Bring you along on the ride of your lifetime
At which time we'll end your lifetime
You only punch, but I bruise with used lifelines
On all lifelines death's pulling, but mine
I'm out of this planet

You see, my blood's liquidated granite
AS I attack you'll have panic in mind
And to make moves I'll pantomime
To paint silence I'll paint a mime
An audible silence I'll take to mind
So you're now polluted
Whatever concentration you had has been diluted

Am I really that cruel? Thanks for the flattery
After this battery you'll be flattery as plattery
Whichever comes first
You come first often, I've been told
Your girl knows me personally from the waste down
In my mind I'll rewind time and rewinding emcees
CM, I see him, in a hypothetic synthetic hallucination

Wouldn't want to be him
That's for your your, check it out
This is Illogic, Blueprint
Me Myself, featuring I
You know what I'm saying?
Bordo (?) punks that be biting
Thinking they be dope enough to take us out

The only person that can take us out is us
You know what I'm saying?
That goes for all the hip hop community
All the REAL hip hop community
All you punks trying to be, trying to be hip hop
Saying y'all quote unquote "hip hop"
Real heads

You're not
You know what I'm saying?
Y'all need to sit back down
Sit back down, listen to this joint
Than cower back in that corner and try to come up with creative stuff
You know what I'm saying?
This is Illogic, signing off

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