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ILLOGIC : Introduction lyrics

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ILLOGIC lyrics : "Introduction"

Person I am, soul will grow you are a crowd to
My journies of unorthodox, origin

Others thought I shouldn't have been allowed, to, give
To me as I am, givin you a part of myself
Expanding beyond my-self

Standing alone as part of an invisible unit, six
+Unforeseen Shadow+, foreseen is my rebirth of righteousness
Thanks to friends, the apple of my eye is ripe and you've plucked it

Allowing it's continous ability to regenerate
in the depths of your essence
Time will tell what is to come

Life will tell what is to be
Follow the path to love and not self-hatred
and, thrive on experience's nectar and flourish

Be the honeybee and gorge with pollinating intentions
Be the angel lost on the search for the love of life
that has been abandoned

Live life as the trees do and
germinate as the seeds do
Explore with an, +Unforeseen Shadow+ in hand and be

Be as you never were
Allow inspiration to overshadow your displacement
Appreciation is my, option for enjoyment to give as

it is given to you my, fellow deviants
The fires of, all that is now with, all that is right
Be, as you never were

Just, be..

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