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ILLOGIC : Celestial Clockwork lyrics

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ILLOGIC lyrics : "Celestial Clockwork"

[Verse 1:]
I walked into a life of tainted dreams and gumball machines
Nestled between the window seat and the drain of the main stream

Watching chaotic daylight stands thermal horizons table
Mock the moon with liquidated stars lap from a ladle
Looking glass has limited view when you're trapped in a label

Still borns turned action figures when their stacked in a cradle
Thorough bred disorientated from running laps in a stable
Loss of direction sparks the search for a map in the fable

Leave me to hunt for scavenges with eye patches and peg legs
Use planks to punish perpetrators so the seas will stay fed
I told that snake in the grass to roll over and play dead

When the seed of the righteous is planted in belly of hybrid companion
They fled with torn a silver spoon and lips grasped
Cherishing the John [email protected]@#! or some jock on your hips clasped

Fine your own only path this is my territory to tell a story
Tailored in three pieces flag, oxygen and thesis
I'm nursed by the bosom of a Columbus compass

Since birth walking the line of life of rhyme to see which will die first
It took me awhile to realise the fact that I'm cursed
With the given gift of anointing so only the truth can be dispersed

It disappoints that conjoint twins are more individuals than most

So I hunt the industry as a phantom until all my words become ghost
Celestial clockwork is an elixir
Simplifying in obscure picture

So sip the defiled mixture
Concocted by purities twisted sister [x2]

Now the trees are more beautiful on this side of the mountain

Plush springs run in abundance I drink direct from the fountain

But the dream was opaque the stream was perfectly clear
That an acute disorder of paradise would exist if I die here
So lie down your pitch forks and raise your pins to the clouds

Till their struck twice by lightning sparking styles to move crowds
Fish in the pond can't understand the concept of dry land
So they swim aimlessly unbeknown to the purpose of which I stand

Don't ask a question, if you don't want the answer given
Time is an illustrious liquor if the candle ceases to flicker
Driven to a life of constant death no choice but one

Children rise from the shine hide in the shade to evade the rays of the sun
Glaciers become oceans and boulders become bevels
Icons become gods and the birth of a spawn is the birth of a devil

Individual once realised is the birth of a rebel
When I've dug my own depth in your faith rest in a shovel
The pedestal is crowed over bearing with trinkets a silver lined sink

Which drown me in sounds of de-evolution and if it's not your calling to be enlaced with the evolving of hip-hop
Then stop is the inevitable solution

I'll work harder. Amy (I'll work harder), I promise I'll be better
Better isn't good enough

I don't think you'll ever be good enough
You don't have it
I know it's a hard thing to hear and it's not a pleasant thing to say

But it's the truth and I'm saving you a lot of time and pain by saying it to you now
I don't want to be the best

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