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ILLOGIC & BLOCKHEAD lyrics : "Teach me to Learn"

[Verse 1: Illogic]
Teach me to write
And I'll bring life to the page with the pen

Till words walk upright and take flight
I'll craft a masterpiece
Of vivid visits to bridges of imagery

Concocting scores to absorb your energy

Teach me to speak

And I'll do things with speech never seen
My voice will paint scenes for the disturbed
And give words a color scheme

Thought is the stream that feed the rivers of language
So allow you're self to drown
I promise it's painless; honest

Teach me to love
And the sun will never set on your anxieties

It will be worth it
I know I'm not perfect, but I'll try to be
I'll collect each tear that rains from your cloudy eyes

As a reminder that the pain dries
With the sunrise

Teach me to listen
To avoid land mines and sand traps
And I'll find my way by sniffing the sound

Of the hand claps
I gotta relax
Before I relapse and loose track

Of the highlighted path I had marked on the map

Teach me teach

And I'll never cease to preach the gospel
I'll yell war till my thoughts soar to reach apostles
I'll walk on water and turn the water to wine

If it takes for ever that's better
I've got nothing but time

If you teach me then I'll learn to be a human being active
I was told the steps to take

I just haven't had the practice
I been too consumed with how to graduate the fastest;
But when fate broke the rose colored glass

I aced my classes

If you teach me then I'll learn

Just keep curriculum cohesive
Educate me in the promise land
Of times sandy beaches

Open the book of life to recite the lessons for today
So I can finally realize what peace is

[Verse 2: Illogic]
I gotta learn to walk
So I can get off my hands and knees;

Be a man stand and believe
There's forest beyond the trees;
To know there's still life beyond the withered leaves;

To know there's still warmth beyond the bitter breeze

I gotta learn to breath

And these cartons of cancer aren't helping
I know it's three parts suicide
And one part rebellion

I seldom desire what's left or right
I just hope the merch in the van is packed tight
So I don't get left tonight

I have to learn to escape
Because I hate being locked atop this auction block

Waiting on display for the highest bidder
My patience today will stay vibrant;
I figure silence is the most dangerous violence in painted


I gotta learn to give
Because I can take with the best of them

I have to learn to swim
So I don't drown in my ego

I gotta learn to live
So I don't die with the rest of them

I gotta learn to accept
The words I say affects the people

Teach me to sing
So I can bring harmony to the chaos

There's more to explore with making noise then getting famous

I have to learn that the joy is where the pain is
So we earth dwellers can put away our umbrellas when the rain ends



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