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ILLOGIC & BLOCKHEAD lyrics : "Atlantis Depth"

Capture the sun

Haven't had my license in a few years

so right now it's illegal to drive myself insane
But laws were made to be broken, so I ride dirty
Four-trackin, rockin a straightjacket

Consciously high wire walkin
No net to catch me if I'm fallin, it's only dreams
In times I realized, I of sound mind

found sound slaves who bathed in the soundwaves of my bloodstream
Cyclops watches from mountaintops
Those that topple from pedestal praisers

Show me a humble man, and I'll show you a hero
Show me the prideful and I'll show you an unmarked graved
I blindfolded Justice with the hands of time

to spare her eyes from her children's corruption
Patched my wings with duct tape and hope to catch a bird's eye view
of the construction of our destruction

To demonstrate we excavate at Atlantis depth
Questioning questions don't lead to where the answer's kept
The wicked live where faith and doubt intersect

so if it's a last breath, they'll bleed it 'til no pasion's left
Listen~! Only those who have mastered the framing of masterpieces
can bask in the master's peace

So recognize the genius in others in order for real genius
to be recognized for the heights it'll reach like

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