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ILLIA ANDERSON lyrics : "Rain Song"

If I drew you all the pictures that I could
And if I took the wings of larks
Could I send my song into your soul?

I hold my paintbrush for you, on the Nights that it gets cold
And I wish that you were here to drink Your tea with me

I think I could have written you a novel
If I kept all that I wrote
And in my dreams I'm braver, better,

Better to be left at home
I think the storm is passing but then
Again we hardly speak

Perhaps it would be better is I stayed
Quiet one more week

And I'll spend tonight deciding if I tell
You or if I sleep
It gets harder to be sure I'm saying

Exactly what I mean
Maybe in the morning, things will be much
Clearer than they were

But I've kept your letters waiting, I'm
Still waiting to be sure

In this mood I am reminded of all the
Things we've said and done
And if the rain keeps falling, i don't

Think that i will ever miss the sun
I'll stay quiet in the greenness and the
Solitude of spring

It'd be nice if I could tell you all the
Comfort that you bring

I'm a little scared to show you, but I've
Written you a note
Thoughts i've thought of when you're doing

All the things you love the most
It's important, and it's perfect, and it's
Gentle, and it's sweet

I guess I'm saying that I'm thankful that
We got to meet

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