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ILLEST CHICK ALIVE lyrics : "Rappa Nui"

Ay yo she on the road daily crazy lately on that 9-5's
She be looking fly but she keeping just one guy in line
Making that moolah on that hustle for a better view

Cause of what we had there was, just a few
Hit up that Jamba juice & take a drink
stay on that high & never sink

cause %#@! you never know it could be your last blink
so just to, let u know I love you over everything
Mama taught us well sister yea just do ya thang

If u low on money no matter what I'll spot ya
& if u ever feel like falling don't worry girl i got ya
See this life aint always right no box o chocolate sweet

But when it is just thank God you made it thru another week


Ay she the Illest what you trippin on?
Heartbreaks? Keep living on
Game face get off that bench that u be sitting on

Give u a taste of what I'm sippin on party girl
if any dude is messing wit u bring an army girl
Don't get me wrong u can live life but sit tight & if u wonder

I got yo back well %#@! I'm your older brother
Times goin' change & so will the trends like yo friends
Ay but not me I promise I'll stick wit u until the end

Think before u take a chance think before u hold his hand
Believe in what you do
Never let the Haters kick your stand

Miss independent I be proud of ya
I'm your #1 fan rooting shouting loud for u

You an angel out the sky
U got the wings so fly ...high

Before u put Ur trust in a man put Ur trust in God first see love hurts but love work too. If u ever blue just think it thru, keep doing u , if u wake up to another day , thats always another way u can go on to the path of success never settle for less cause u r worth more than jus sex. Let the world know u the best yet. Cause I do & I love ya.. You'll always be my lil sis

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