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Illegal Duplicate lyrics : "Another Copy"

Anger isthe emotion noone wantsto overtake them,
Anger will take ur heart and harden it until everyone around u feels pain,
Anger istheone emotion that the chance you have is very slim,

Anger will make you throw everything downthe drain.
Happiness isthe emotion that makes you wantto hold tight,
Happiness will make you wantto wear that little black dress,

Happiness isthe feeling we had when you stayed with me all night,
Happiness will keep you out of a mess.
Sadness isthe emotion that tears apart our hearts,

Sadness will help you to move on,
Sadness is the feeling we had when we had to stay apart,
Sadness will remind me that you're gone.

Excitement is the emotion we felt when we went for that ride,
Excitement will help youto start a new life,
Excitement is the feeling we had when we laid in bed, side by side,

Excitement will help us remember that little pie slice.
Joy isthe emotionwe felt when we beganto go out,
Joy will make a shine brighter than a star,

Joy isthe feeling you got when you saw my door ajar,
Joy will show the excitement of the mount.
Hope isthe emotion that gets us through,

Hope will always be thereto help out,
Hope isthe feeling i felt when i wasn't with you,
Hope will keep you from making a pout.

Love isthe emotion that from me only you can conjure,
Love will always be thefeeling between us,
Love isthe feeling we havefor each other afterthe pain we've indured,

Love will be why we fuss.
Intimitcy isthe emotion we felt when we were together,
Intimitcy will always be there when yousee me,

Intimitcy is the feeling we get when we kiss each other,
Intimitcy will always have a hold of me but you won't see.
Wishing is what got us here,

Wishing will always be therefor me and you,
Wishing is what makes us remember forever without a fear,
Wishing will be what me and you dreaming will do.

Trust is what we didfor each other,
Trust will be what we shared,
Trust is what makes us think it isn't really over,

Trust will always be knowing we both cared.
Rage is the emotion that comes after anger,
Rage will only get you into trouble,

Rage isthe feeling that will only bring closer youto danger,
Rage will only make you stumble and goto atumble.
Lust is what breaks everyone apart and leaves themfor dead,

Lust will just make things go from goodto worst,
Lust is a feeling that doesn't care about anything butthetwo in bed,
Lust will always beone of those unfaithful curses.

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