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ILLDISPOSED : Weak Is Your God lyrics

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ILLDISPOSED lyrics : "Weak Is Your God"

[Spoken words in danish and German]

Weak is your god

And I know you feel the same
The Trust
You put in him - will not repay

I look at you
And all I see is disbelief

I need to challenge Him
Bring out your points
And I'll set it all alight

Your god is weak
Invented just for laws to be

Obsessive Thoughts
For nothing but your mind to ease

The look for proof
Is not a thing you value much
Let's do this right

'Cos all I see is Disbelief

I need to challenge You

Keep you on the edge
Created by eternal lies

It's just pain
It's just a pain in my head
... you're the sadist one

All will hail Jesus
Bled for my sin
And that's a lot of blood

The babes in the woods
Never got far

Was an accident
All will hail Jesus
Crowned as a king

... it took a lot of blood

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