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ILLDISPOSED : Jeff lyrics

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ILLDISPOSED lyrics : "Jeff"

I'm one with the raindrops
But there's yet another sound
Now, could it be that Jeff

That $#&@ing prick who you owe some money from the
From the bet that you lost to that $#&@ Jeff who works
Down the studio

Paranoia taken in
Temper rises paper thin

Evil lurks in every vein

Now it's time I kill again

See the real behind the lie
See the evil in my eyes

How good it feels I can't disguise

You're on your way to paradise

It wasn't the mailman
Yeah sure it was Jeff

He would not go away
So I stabbed his sick $$# into quiet a mess

A mess it took me a while to disguise but now
There's no more Jeff
The $#&@ing [email protected]$('s gone

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