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ILLATRIBE lyrics : "Bearin Down Da Song (chicago Bears Anthem)"

Chicago Bears, all around the city we're pumped to make a run
Da Bears Da Bears,
It's been awhile since 85 so we want another one

Chicago Bears
We're bearn down, Get to the back you bandwagon fans
We're bearin down, We're fighting hard to be champions

So if you love Chicago, if you love Chicago, if you love Chicago
Say Da Bear Da Bears

1st verse

Chicago Bears! You scared?

You know our defense is like leaches and that's hard to wear
cover two coupled with couple dudes on the line who will muscle through
and make any loud mouth eat humble soup

full back see that blitz he might be scared and sue
prepare to lose.
THE BEARS Bob Swerksi style

Chi Town full of super fans shout longer than rocky rounds Wipe me down
running back hit back in this here hockey town so copy down
You might need some help to bring them down

Air it out play fake them bet our receivers shake them
We're bout that football LIFE
expecting greatness and hating any loss of a fight

From north C-H-I, to the south side
We're reppin orange blue and you know our futures bright
Lets win a super bowl, Like 85

Make the city proud, and keep sweetness alive
So say the Bears the Bears now Say Chicago Bears (The Bears)
Now say the Bears the Bears now say Chicago Bears (The Bears)


2nd verse

Where my monsters of the midway?

From past to present day
Ditka to Lovie to Gayle Sayers to Forte
Get ready to rumble we gon crush you

Hustle and muscle for every yard
Touchdown, Super bowl Shuffle
The 85 trophy is getting kind of lonely

Down there in Halas Hall, let's get the stats involved
17,000 yards from Peyton let's get the facts involved
We're the best in the league on special teams true or false?

All around the city we stand together to show our support
The only division we want is the NFC north
We coming for the ring, we gon take it by force

I believe in the dream, I pledge allegiance to team,
And the city, the whole sport!
Don't catch us on Solider Field you Goldie Locks came home to eat

All throughout our history we love victory can't take defeat
You boy's better get scared run home to your mamas - we're the team to fear
Throw your hands up in the air, And represent Chicago Bears!


3rd Verse


I rep the Bears until the day I fold
Wouldn't even care if it's ten below
I'm still jumping all up in the snow

Its game time like 85, Champions we come to ride
Coming for the ring so BYE BYE!
Up the field touchdown

Field goals they all good, never gotta worry put ya hands up
Defense get getting buck, ready to tear the field up
Ready for the ino, Ready for the sack, Ready for the touchdown

Ready run it back. Safeties and fumbles yeh we on all of that.


We coming for that number one spot
Cuz honestly number two aint hot

Either you is or you're not,
Either you is or you're not.
We coming for that number one spot
Cuz honestly number two aint hot
Either you is or you're not,

Either you is or you're not!!!

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