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ILLA GHEE lyrics : "Illa Price Express Freestyle Feat Sean Price"

[Verse 1: Illa Ghee]
Illa Ghee is Malcolm X with a Klan suit on
And the flow's Charles Manson in front of ya moms

$#&@ a girl gone wild, I'm a tech that's gone wrong
Wolverine raps, I overlap the storm
Clap anybody who overlap the pawn

Was a street-type ^!$$%, but trapped in Vietnam
Born Von Drago, never played the lotto
I'm springing grenades at a Vietnam model

Temper, I got a temper
I turn beef tender when the temperature rise
I'm the lord of the flies, the lord of all lords

Lord of Bedstuy, I spit in the Lord's eye
Lord have mercy
Spoonfeed water, rap's thirsty

Percocet sentence, semi-auto surgery
Overdose and mislead you
I'm every drug known to man in one needle

A man becomes preeminent, he's expected to have enthusiasms


[Verse 2: Sean Price]
Sean the white boy that run with the X-Clan
And the !@$( that put acid in his headband

Shoot the thing sooner
Assasinate your $$#, I'm Luther King Jr.
Bar for bar the best barbarian, Sean

The arm, the double leg, the arm, the head and the Don
Head from a broad when I was headed to class
Bet you got a lot of kids, but I'm better with math, P

Detective Floyd, ^!$$%
$#&@ freeing my freezer, respectable four figures
My last %#@! was off the wall

My next one is a thriller, the gorillas invovled, P
I will rock your chin
You just another rapper, you are not my friend



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