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ILL SHINE FT. MAC 2X, KYLE : Christian Rap song lyrics

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ILL SHINE FT. MAC 2X, KYLE lyrics : "Christian Rap song"

im just a flashlight you my battery
I proclaim the name of Jesus with audacity
im unashamed I live by faith call it strategy

save by grace praise the King Royal Majesty

I know my rights but I won't remain silent stomach

I aint a cop but speak louder then they sirens
Don't have a badge but got something called the truth

And the will to risk my life for God my faith Is bulletproof

Temptation in the way and sin is just another Obstacle
Nothin will stop me from serving God of the impossible
When I Hear The Gospel of Jesus I get zealous

Butterflies fill up my stomach why these haters getting jealous

Enormous I'm shinning something like Cainus Majors

I'm a witness really why else would you think I wrote this notice the road is long lonely and hopeless
no gps around but I could show you where the church is

My personal mechanic fixed me helpless I was broken
I crumbled into pieces while I hid all my emotions
Just going through the motions he's the only one who noticed

Or even cared to be there I guess to someone I'm important
A Grammy for these jokers or better known as actors
They shake my hand and smile when I turn my back there stabbers

Lights camera action their character got exposed
There's more than meets the eye I could see right through they clothes

I'm a radical I'm rational I spit the truth threw my mandible
Spread the word like a paperboy turn me up let me make some noise

No George foreman but I'm in your grill I light it up every single day
From the time I'm up till the sun goes down aint scared of beef boy I eat fillet

Need for speed ill pursuit your way till my final breath to the end of days
this aint no game theres no time to play
its my call of duty Let me lead the way.

116 I'm unashamed ill die for truth and endure the pain he took my burden just for me to gain
could care less if the whole world thinks im lame!!!

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