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ILL SCRIPTS lyrics : "k9"

hoe your stuck in a daze ill have you $#&@in amazed wit this rukus i raise when im up in the place
ive bin known to rip the mutha$#&@in beat a new $$#hole you got that wack flow (*##$ listen when i rap yo
you got some brokeback bros get your backbone broke on the track you a joke wit no facts you a holks

man you mad because your wack and you know it you see me catch a flow an then you see me keep on goin
these scripts that i flip wit my finger tips may have you pissed (*##$ i spit venom in every direction
so please keep your distance these (*##$es that be hatin man its just my ammuni - tion

go against me mutha$#&@a and youll end up misssin
these tracks that i stir up its like crack up in the kitchen fresh batch of maryjuana pen pad
thats my addiction man im doper then i ever was smokin just to catch a buzz kay nine got the best of buds

an naw im never messin up im raw you need to freshen up you not unique your next to bluff

im a beast wit the slang imma beast you cant tame imma heavywieght hitter you see me doin my thang
imma syllable killa up in tha studio mang man im way above yo level homie stay in yo lane

Verse 2
yea yea

what i do is nessacary kill rappers put em 6 feet in the cemetery
u heard me mutha$#&@a yu was never scary im bout to pull out my shovel dig where the tressures burried
$#&@ (*##$es get money its a legendary ,

saying yo im bout to kik yo $$# take yo money while this records playing
you dont wrek the mic me i respect the mic give it everything i got when i reflect my life
thoughts n its montress im hip hop to the bone imma mutha$#&@in problem

aimin for the top spot comin from the bottum
maryjuana got it lookin like a sauna your a big mistake your papa shoulda wore a condom
its raw skill dawg your not ill so please stop (*##$ when yu got time to stop still

n im bout to eat you up like moms cooked me a hot meal n dont talk guns cuzz i got boys who got steal
I got some mexicans that will leave yo top pealed
wit no hesitation get popped like popped pills dawg your not real me i leave the song killed

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