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ILL MIND lyrics : "Dear Mama"

Verse 1:
Dear mama, you're the reason that I'm rapping in the first place
The reason I feel glad on my worst days,

I'll probably never love a woman more than I could love my mother
Faye Morales, I swear to God I'll put no one above her
The reason I had food, my own damn room

A voice to speak out and make my own damn tunes
I know we have our bad days but we know that everything will just swirl
And I mean it, I love you more than anything in the world.

Cause mama, you gave up everything so I could become anything
I know I can't make it out, but one day I'm gonna make you proud
I'm always acting tough, I know sometimes we had it rough

But rich or poor, see always for our family we had enough
One of my inspirations, there's just no imitations
You taught me life was real, showed me all it's limitations

I'm realizing no one's stronger than you
So I'm here that's why I made another song, just for you

Sunshine or rain, I'll be there
Whether good times or bad, I'll be there

Verse 2:
Dear mama you're the reason that I'm breathing, the only way that I could weaken

See without you think my heart would just stop beating, I'm preaching
Taught me the meaning of mother and until death sends
a note to us both I'll keep thinking that mom means bestfriend

You're like my homie, the only that truly knows me
No second takes and so I learn from your mistakes
And through the worst of all your days I know I'm only living half your life

Sorry I'm ignorant, I know how much you sacrificed
I know how much you gave up, just know that you're important
The jobs you had to work just so I could walk in my jordans

I was a big meal kid, the kid who's just too real kid
I hope you know I'm grateful for all that you had to deal with
Know we had our differences, sometimes I act rude

Sometimes I come home after school in a bad mood
But honestly there probably become fear if we apart
Just know that you're the only woman dearest to my heart

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