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ILL MIND lyrics : "Creep"

Verse 1:
I ain't no creep but I heard you never had a man
So imma break the ice like.... aw %#@!, so here it goes

They say that I'm a player, ain't no hubby, man, material
But I support and Cheerio decisions like it's cereal
I could picture us a year from now, if you're with it

Sitting down, spitting lyrics, rapping like I'm still committed
Holding hands... aw %#@! wait... I'm off topic
See this man-thugs gone, this a damn love song!

I heard you taking francais extended, so je t'aime mon avenir baby girl I meant it
Know that sounded stupid, hard to get, just know I hate your style
Love it or hate it but I do anything to make you smile

I mean can I get your number? they said you scary
I just think you're beautiful I fell in love in February
I mean I just wrote a song for you and said you greater than all of these

...oh %#@! your brother... I'll just text you later


So I creep yeah
Just keep it on the down low
Said nobody is supposed 2 know

So I creep yeah
'Cause he doesn't know
What I do and no attention

Goes to show oh so I creep

Verse 2:

I told you this beat is sorta old school ma
this songs for us I was talking about the old you
I don't regret a thing I don't feel remorse for ya

See my feelings never changed I still open doors for ya
And know, you are my queen, down to ride, we a team
Like we pull a Jay and B when we ride in the scene and

I ain't never met no one like you
Cause you the only girl that would see me as Michael
And sure I dance and I sing and I do everything

And I can spit a couple lines but I'm still a human being with you feels like I'm a king
and the friends and the bling, the rest just don't mean a thing
And when I'm with my dudes if I'm rude to ya,

get it through to I'll always stay true to ya
And I'll be here mama, you ain't gotta fear mama
Our loves deep I'm just hoping that you fall in love with me, I'm a creep.

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