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ILL MIND lyrics : "Circle of Life"

She was the type to never care about a man
She'd fantasize bout all the things she could have been
And now she looks back at what she should have been

Top of the class, beauty and brains, they would drop when she pass
She had this angelic smile, they would stop when she pass
Promised a man, if she had one, she would not take it fast

But now the only time he love her's when she rockin her $$#
Fightin' away, the fact that they would fight every day
Until he left her, who'd think she find a man that disrespect her

No plan to realize that this was messed up
Definition of hittin that home base is completely different if you next up
Too stubborn to even see her life is f'd up

Can't even see the doctor without getting her wrist checked up
Now %#@! is different, this type of life is not a kids intention
To be pregnant at 16 is just a different sentence, a different segment

Not that MTV parent show, there's no camera's constantly telling you where to go
Fast forward, single momma with her kid crying
Look in the mirror, you're seeing inside, your kid's dying

Understand, you were the type to never care about a man
Until you let him get the upper hand,
You overdrawn by fake love, cause he's the only dude you think of

Now you cover up all your tears with that make up
Promised yourself, that you would never live how your mother lived
And now you doing the things your mother did

Your daddy left you like them others do, ain't making fun of you
Cause now you got this baby girl right infront of you
Stay home all day, because its worse in the night

But baby girl, its the circle of life

Verse 2:

Seeing the reflection, care more about the people that we sexin'
than the people really there, the people that care

Sometimes we make some sacrifices and yeah
Leaving your old life for new ones, and learning only evil is there
We never notice till we suffer from mistakes that we make

Till we finally $#&@ our %#@! up, then we facin our fate
And reminisce about our problems, hoping they can relate
Cause this the story of our lives, ain't no space to restate

To all my woman who've been through the %#@! I talk about
See it right, cause there's a man who could be treating you right
You're more, than what you think, here's a deep letter

In hopes that you can see better. I hope you see better

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