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ILL CONSCIENCE : Sex Drugs and Fame lyrics

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ILL CONSCIENCE lyrics : "Sex Drugs and Fame"

I write this $#&@en music just to numb the pain
lately all thats talked about is sex drugs and fame
3 things thatll corrupt a motha $#&@as brain

Lust and pleasures the only reason that loves deranged
im just suggestin that you listen
Addiction... will leave you dead

or headed into prison
make excellent decisions
Ya heart is a utensil

strength is so essential
Jus try an control ya mental
remember that , Happiness before you starts official

But once you get addicted happiness is artificial.
Smiles disappear, & laughin becomes a past emotion
Say you wanna quit you better ask it

wit devotion
imagine ya family weepin
ova ya casket open

or on boat
droppen ya ashes in the ocean
Had friends who were addicted

New each an every person
there lives became inflicted & ,then there weakness's would worsen
from frequently conversin

to barely even speaking
and now I think about it
& its tearing me to pieces

the $#&@ing Media will do whatever to corrupt the youth
Depression has a substitute call it drug abuse
Now you understand

why im in this $#&@en booth
leaking all my thoughts & sayin nothin but the truth .
only Hope ...that my message has been heard

wanna save couple lives, with these sentences and words- gone



Wanna spark a couple minds
& lift a few spirits

& i wanna do it with my music ..through my lyrics
my conscience has a purpose
the Opposite of perfect

im Fallen from the sky,
ill stop when i hit the surface
looken at the stars

I through my open eyes
Know one
day ill die, but im feelin so alive

On a natural High , Not even below the
even If i never make it least theyll say they know

he tried

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