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ILL BILL FEAT DJ MUGGS lyrics : "Illuminati 666"

[Ill Bill]
We got a black president, the aliens will be here soon

Open up your eyes and your ears, here's the truth
Beyond blind faith we don't really know what to believe
The meaning behind these old books could be anything

Who the $#&@ translated these words from Aramaic
To the language spoken in the empire of the hated?
We the children of a lesser God

Make me want to pull an Escobar, and I ain't $#&@in talkin 'bout Nas
I'm serious like a swastika
Or playing Russian roulette, over hard liquor

Or Hamas after bombin a Bar Mitzvah
Or Israel after bombin the Gaza Strip up, it's constant
It's !@&^for tat, present our little kids with gats

Throwin gang signs like Bloods and Crips with bandanas on they face
Sometimes the bandana's on their brains
This prison planet tries to shackle me in chains every day

[Hook: repeat 2X]
Illuminati triple-six, just study Koresh

Mullets and bullet belts encourage the best
Entourage of Gods, from Mossads to Qurans
Church Ave. to the Taj Mahal we rock hard

[Ill Bill]
Homey you dealin with professionals that make murder look like suicide

With silencers the size of an ordinary Jewish child
Bazookas made from linoleum tubing
And you stupid to think that "Lord of War" was only a movie

Depraved enterprise, brain energized seven times
Genocide high-level lies, truth serum identified
Organic mushrooms given to prisoners who don't trust you

Meanwhile the mass population consumes
I'm in a catch 22, too smart for my own good
Intergalactical, too smart for my own hood

My X-ray vision see through this tinted image
Wipe the dust off reality's lens to spit vicious
Molotov monologues at y'all, let's brawl

Storming through +The Valley of the Dolls+ carryin kronz
Attack like angry extra-terrestrials challenging God
Arrive in chariots armed with various cannons and bombs


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