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ILIUM lyrics : "Embrace The Myth"

Salamander's fire
Immune - the flames burn higher
The dream will never tire

Fuelled by it's own desire
Hear the voices of the netherworld call your spirit
Death is to mock and life is to fear

The abstract wonders of old your mind wil soon inherit
The dim fog of Stys tells your soul is near
Reality is now imagination

Destiny is yours to decide
Authority lies trapped in crystal cages
Your enemy locked out - you're mystified

Material world full of merciless hate
Sense of wonder is lost - forced back to Hell's dark

Dissipate the seeds - the magic is weak
But it can be reclaimed by those who set out to seek
A spiritual journey - is Heaven so near?

Once we've pushed through the smog everything is so crystal
Deathis to mock and life to fear

Immortality yours - you are your future's engineer
No going back - a willing prisoner
Cerebral attack - your mind alive

The forgotten track - a path you shall enter
Find your own way
Dull pains of Earth - are left behind now

Non-currency worth - your mind the key
Eacg grain of dirt - a magic goldmine
Do it your way

Join the other race
No prejudice is your mind
A plane that has no place

To the soul that is so blind
Embrace the myth - what have you to lose?
Your sanity is there to amuse

See the world in different views
Embrace your myth - it's the path you must choose

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