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ILENKUS lyrics : "Great Divide"

And there it was, a shiny new thing, dreamed by a boy whose innocence was real, and I know it hurts just to let it slip away, but the beast it moves, it's moving now. I thought it could be real. Thoughts unwieldy like the truth. It's useless now (moments were there just to serve our rapture), so superficial like a drug, sheen goes, leaving you ugly, dull. Once I believed in true connection but now how can I trust another? You've shown me that no matter how we trust in life, to always sleep with one eye open just to see who's sneaking in behind. Oh maybe it's another brush with which to tar, or we need a bucket of the %#@! and a bag of feathers for you to wear. Well, since you exposed yourself it's looking pretty dark inside, but just as if we always had been born with a connection I feel it coming down, and this time it's broken now. So where do we find ourselves, now it's all up in the air? And what is truth? Tried to see through your eyes, couldn't bring my thoughts to bear, as I lay staring up, thinking 'isn't this life strange?' I can see it now how it is, ever changing beyond our control, kinda strange now where we find ourselves, within a chaotic dream. And so, I'm afraid to look inside myself, to see you looking back at me. Evil eyes sometimes stir behind my soul. Push them back to feel right. If I was to fix the shame in your eyes, could you be the one who changed back? If this is, or if it could be then just please tell me, where am I to wait?

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