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Ikuinen Kaamos lyrics : "Your Gallows"

The morning has come without a light
The bodies lie still
Nauseating pain forged into a shape

Clears my blurred sight
Things will always lead to this
Flaming wreck of hope

I promise salvation
It is a lie

Trampling kingdoms beneath my feet
Where there is will there is a way
To tear your beauty apart

A way for me to build your gallows

My laughable attempts to beg for

Redemption have failed
Once again I have been forgiven
Given the right to scar

Shame claws our hearts open
Letting the silence enter
With malevolence standing by it's side

Laughing out loud

Turn my back to myself

Unleashing something that should have stayed locked away
Turn my back to myself
Hating the things I hold dear to me

Eyes are full of needles
Sinking deeper in

The sun sets between these lies
It starts all over again

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