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IKILLEDIZZY lyrics : "I Don't Care"

$#&@ being hopeless, I'm on the pursuit of dopeness,
Show no emotion, never keep my heart open

Now vibe widdit (x4)
vibe, I said..

[Verse 1]
They told me to drop a song,
so imma drop it like a bomb,

You can call me Snoop Dogg bro,
cause you know imma drop it like it's hot (drop it like it's hot)
From LA to SD, you already know me,

same clothes, same style, not another fomie,
I chill out, I zone out, I also relax,
If you hating on me, kiss my white $$#,

Walking down the hall, without a hall pass,
"Izzy, where you going?"
(*##$, $#&@ this class

I don't care (x3)

[Chorus] (x2)

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