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IKE CAMPBELL lyrics : "Forgotten"

its a %#@! game its a sick way,
to get ya heart broke with a thick pain,

the flame ignites, it burns inside,
you cant put it out no matter how hard you try,
its a %#@! game its sick way,

to get your heart broke with a thick pain,
the flame ignites, it burns inside,
maybe one time the truth will overrun these lies,

i try, i work so hard, im built with hope until i know,

what hurts my heart, what makes me broke, what makes me choke,
when i search for the outcome that doesnt show,
in my own eyes i see im doing nothing wrong,

if there is i need to know and then we can move on,
but right now its hard to see the pros not the cons,
if she could understand the expression in this song,

maybe understand im in the right shes in the wrong,
and as everthing begins to move along, its strong,
but somethin like this incidentally occurs,

i know its all fun and games but some of us get hurt,
its a word called pain and its the type that is it the worst,
you try everything but for her it never works,

we all have the experience i guess its my turn,
when taken so serious its a lesson to be learnt

its time to move on, its true im,
overdoing this need to stop pursuing this, its due time,

that i started lookin at the bigger picture, im whipped but,
when i ignore it comes back and i begin to miss her,
i was quick to, be the gentlemen, be the one whos gentle when,

she's sad i would attend to her, so attentive and,
lend a hand im goin mental man,
every time i did something nice it would never get returned,

i dont deserve it, she isnt worthit,
i heard it a million times before but finally it begins to surface,
i try hard to forget her but something prevents me

my mind is wise and understands but my heart wont let me,
it makes my chest weak, it wrecks me,
but in my state of mind its always thinking forward, think about the next thing,

i can do it if i put my mind to it
just strive through it, realise shes the one who blew it

everyday i go through the same thing,
everyday always thinking about the same name,

a thousand different times within the same day,
no matter what happens i think about it in the same way,
its a grey game, and it can leave you with some wounds,

wounds so deep it hurts to move,
sometimes you feel like she understands it too,
and then she turns around and does this you realise its only you,

youve been doing right youve been loyal all the time,
but it doesnt feel the same if it isnt on the other side,
at least you tried, truthful without those lies,

stay strong inside and make sure that your head stays high,
a new beginning, start anew, a new life,
one that doesnt revolve around her the one you liked,

its nicer, youd like to,
see someone else in the end the difference will make you brighter.

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