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IKAY lyrics : "The Journey"


Yea, I'm back,

The journey, next chapter,
Uh huh!
Came so far, still got a long way to go,

Nu Jerzey Devil? I see you homie, we on da move with this one,
Yeah, I got this,
Yea, uh, yeah!

Verse 1

Growing up as a little child, I didn't smile,
Didn't have no friends but da endz drove da ^!$$% wild,
My mama's hurting,

I'm gon die for certain,
Fighting in da streets while she watch from behind da curtains,
Trapped on da corner? no one to call on,

To show us right when we all wrong,
There gotta be sunshine after da storm's gone,
It never last long, but we all strong,

I made it out da streets,
Came to America, hustling for keeps,
Been hustling for weeks now,

I'm making beats now,
My family can feast now,
Tell dem ^!$$%z on da corner, put da heat down,

Cuz I got this,
Aiming for da top, I will not miss,
Hey Ikay?

Dropped my first tape in o' nine,
I got da flow that will blow minds,
Da game is so mine,

Cry Nation gold mine,
Held it down on my own, didn't have no help,
All alone in da zone, struggling by myself,

When my record start blowing up,
You see dem fake $$# friends start showing up,

They embrace me now,
They praise me now,
They smile in my face but I know that they hate me now,

Cuz I'm getting money, I'm getting by,
They can't take it from me, so they wish I die,
I roll like a Piranha do,

Flow like a animal,
Kay back wit da Mac and I'm strapped with them hammers too,
You know how dem bangers do,

Cry Nation thugz, watch ya manners fool,
You just Piranha food,
Cry Nation over everything,

Da streets got me ill, da music be my medicine,
^!$$%z hatin on me, problems that da cheddar bring,
Sittin on da throne, homie I'm forever king,

Y'all know my name, all y'all ^!$$%z know me,
Let me do my thing, I keep dem (*##$es on me,
Martin Luther King, I keep ya picture on me,

Dreaming in da Benz, da sun gotta glisten on me,
In da zone by myself,
Smoke weed, sip patron by myself,

If it's beef I bang my chrome by myself,


Ha, ha,

Cry Nation! We here,

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