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IKAY lyrics : "By Your Side"

Featuring: Zala



Hey Ikay? A Zala B enuh,


Cry Nation homie? Let's do this,
Kay, Zala? uh, yea, uh.


Bomb attack, dats da damn attack.

[Verse 1]


I pour out liquors for my laid down ^!$$%z,
Four years passed and I still miss ya,
In my mind I paint a picture of da time when I used to hang wit ya,

The day you died, I cried,
Just wanna be?
By your side!

Life's hard down here,
Kids starve down here,
But da law don't care,

So many brothers in da morgue down here,
Yo ^!$$%! I got you in my heart down here,
Some day I'll be?

By Your side!
My dreams all I got
Why try and be something that I'm not,

So many brothers on my block,
I'm cool but no fool can take my spot,
Da streets don't love me, mom don't want me,

Why all these pain gotta haunt me?
I roam da cold streets? my mom got sick and I can't do %#@!,
Her son can't get rich,

I'll trade every cent and shine on my wrist,
Just to be?
By Your Side!

I love you mama,
I know da stress you under,
Ten percent pain and da rest is drama,

I'm nothing but heart ache,
All my life I been makin your heart break,
That ain't right! I been putting my faith in da wrong place,

Been smiling round da wrong face,
You can take all I got from me,
Set da cops on me,

Always have my dreams and you can't take that from me,
Yea I hustle? spend a little drug money,
It's time for a new start,

I got ^!$$%z in Kingston, ^!$$%z in New York,
My glock still glistens,
I still speak da truth and da block still listens,

I blow smoke in da sky for my ^!$$%z that strive or they locked in prison,
I'm firm in da street like a ship wit a anchor,
God you give me life and I thank ya,

I got all these tattoos knowin some day it's gonna give me cancer,
A change is coming, to me a change is nothing,
Let it rain, let it ease da suffering,

My homies get peace from da trees they puffin,
I'm a playa for life, can't be no husband,
Cuz love is hustling,

Dem broads will hustle ya house, hustle ya cars,
No love! For da money they wanna get in ya drawers,
And be?

By your side!
It's amazing, my ^!$$% Craig just hop in da Benz,
Made da streets get wit it again,

I do this for my ^!$$%z up in da pen,
I pour out some liquor for them,
It's da facts I'm statin, a red apple attracts temptation,
Kay rise from da dirt, da new black sensation,
What do you do when ya life becomes a strife and you just wanna die,

Tears in ya eyes,
Cuz ya best friend up there in da sky,
And it's hell down here,
^!$$%z in da cell doin years,
^!$$% don't be scared, somebody cares,

God is right?
By your side!

[Verse 2]


Dat is what di father seh,
Stand firm ghetto youth, dat is what di order seh,
Di pree when wi drop out is fi deh weh di father deh,

But we a gwaan live a while so Ikay just hold di glock?
By your side!
Cuz dem want fi drop we out,
So mi dip innah mi waist and pop di shotty out,
Ikay pop off di chopper and mad fi cut di throat,
Pop off di Parker 40 and buss it mek yuh friend drop?

By your side!
So stop actin like a (*##$,
Cuz Zala neva hitch,
And mi guns neva snitch,
All we do a hustle pon di street a try fi get rich,
A di rhyme weh we spit mek vultures a pitch,
Come a run off dem mouth but dem don't know a %#@!,

Weed innah mi chalice, rizzla roll mi spliff,
Bad mind get a kick outta di K-Swiss,
Bomb attack! Ikay? yuh get mi drift?
Zala got di glock pon him waist line,
Mek di streets vibrate like a bass line,
Telescope scope him up to di face line,

Dats da damn attack and gangstas nuh waste time,
Cry Nation takin over,


Remember Zala told ya,


Deh pon di gully side and we a try fi mek it over,


Dis game ain't over,


Cuz me want a Benz and Ikay want a Rover,


Dats da dream of every soldier,


Innah Clarks and pull over,


Sippin Hennessey in da sofa,


Jehovah! Extend mi exposure,
Bun di devil like Fantan Mojah,
Jah! Come closer,
Yeah! because every ghetto youths wanna be?
By your side!



Yea, we just lookin for a way out,


Yow Ikay? yea,


You know! Da best way possible,
Yo Nico! I see you man,
Cry Nation takin over,
Zala, Ikay?
Let them know! For real?


Bomb attack, dats da damn attack,
Cry Nation!
Yuh done know.

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