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IIO : it is love lyrics

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IIO lyrics : "it is love"

I never knew loveA lover could be sweeterNo matter what my mind saysYour music gives me feelingThe moment that we dancedYour arms felt like a cradleAnd when you took my handI was no longer evilI never felt so right beforeI need to be with you much moreI can't believe this kind of fateWe can runaway...Is it love?I'm always on a spellEven when I'm sleeping

You're always on my mindI hope that I'm not dreamingIf I am let me stay asleepDon't wake me up I feel completeI never want to feel it endWhat a lovely momentIs it love?I wanna give you my loveAll the timeI wanna make love to youAll the timeI wanna be right next to youAll the timeI wanna be in love with youAll the time

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