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II KINGS lyrics : "Until I'm Gone"

[Intro: Elusive]
I know they want me to give up, they want us to stop
But if we stopped, then we'd just lose hope

And without hope, we'd have no reason to live
So I'll never give up - I won't stop until I'm gone..

[Verse 1: Elusive]
Till I collapse, I'm spilling these raps - long as you feel 'em
But I ain't tryna walk in no one's shoes, honest, I'm feeling

I'm able and willing, by this point, to show you the evidence
Cause I am not hip hop, and this is not Eminem..
I'mma lone wolf, but I ain't yela

Sell a million $#&@ing records, and then sign to Rockefella
Well if, I had of developed instead of being stuck locked up in this cellar
Maybe I'd be more like Penn & Teller

Tell another lie, I'm sick of this, %#@!'s getting ridiculous
Kids that think they're flowing - but don't even know what liquid is
I'm a lyricist, not some $#&@ing rapper

So if you ain't like my %#@! then wait and see what's coming after
Matter of fact, I'd rather, that we had to move past ya
It'd be music to my ears, I'd be a cow in a pasture

Find me a pastor.. cause I think I'm dying of laughter
But this is a climate I would rather die in, than try to adapt to
Shattered my spine last time I went to the chiropractors

So I guess that must be why they call this practice
Time changes, the earth spins on a shifting axis
That's why I spend my life trying not to live it backwards..

[Hook: DMB & Elusive]
Well they say it ain't easy, but I proved them wrong..

When I picked this mic up, and I made this song..
But I just gotta say now, that all along..
All I wanted

Was to come back up on it
So they're never gonna put me down, until I'm gone..

[Verse 2: Elusive]
I'm a $#&@ing star, be ready for a sun tan
Bad Meets Evil, and I am just one man

Can't be equalled, I levitate across lands
Damn these people, I never hated god's plan
I have just gotta let them see

The future's been decided, some might even call it destiny
The only choice we get to make is when we leave, eventually
We all decide to take the path that leads away from entropy

Enter me, I'mma be a fire torch, a shining force
A guiding light, the brightest sort, that I hope inspires
Why are all, these people dying for a tiny few

That just want to abuse us and acquire more, than you or I are trying to
But by now, I must be out of order
Killing %#@!, like I'm living in the house of slaughter

You want punchlines? I've got a trillion
So I will just keep on dissing him, until I'm gone..


[Verse 3: DMB]

The world is filled, with nothing but obsession for possessions
No one's learned their lessons, in despite of all their indiscretions
Keeps you guessing, which in essence is depression and oppression

Self expression is the answer for progression, I venture
Another two steps forward, and one leap back
With your eyes sewn shut so the sun seems black

You know a rose always grows through the concrete cracks
So I suppose that I chose to be on these tracks
As amazing as it is, this doesn't end or begin

Like the circle of life - or circulation of wind
Still pinned, by the question what you gonna defend?
When all around you and within, has been corrupted by sin

Man, I've been through the wars - I'm real
If no one has exposed their psychotic subliminal content, then I will
II Kings is invincible, just try kill

Bang, bang, bang, bang - like Trill
The clip ejects, no rounds are left - I intersect
For disrespect, I break your neck with intellect

So in effect, the rhythm wrecks, I'm still in check
I'll kill your set, film it, and post it straight on the internet..


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