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II KINGS lyrics : "Standing Still"

It's been a long road, and of my own admission
Before I met you, my life was stuck in it's intermission
I tried to change but, I was just sitting, wishing

So ain't it strange - that it's only now I begin to listen
I'm hearing voices in my head
But I ain't crazy, they're just echoes of everything you have ever said

It's like I'm talking to myself though
So I guess, in my mind, there is no time and I am already dead..

[Verse 1: Elusive]
So when I'm gone, I won't have no regrets
And I'll still live my life, even though I'm so depressed

I'm just standing still, like I ain't gotta ask myself the question, "Should I kill myself?"
Cause somehow I think the answer will
But I ain't frightened by the thought of death

I'm dead inside, my mind's gone, and I am short of breath
Already, and I've given everything to you
And I ain't asked for nothing back, so if I leave - it's cause there's nothing left

But sometimes I think you just wanna see me break
I guess being honest with you was my first mistake
And since there's nothing left to give

Now you know why drugs is, the only thing, that I can take
But I'm done flying, I see the land
It's like the earth reached out to me, and gave me a hand

Cause now I'm fighting with my power of will
And as long as time's still moving, this is just where we stand..

[Hook: DMB]
I feel like I need room to breathe, I can't make it up this hill
Cause it seems more like a mountain, that I just don't have the time to kill

I just wanna know if you believe, cause if what we had was real
Then I know you'll come back to me.. and until then I'll be standing still..

[Verse 2: Elusive]
As the pain grows, I'm so miserable
The evidence for this is just inadmissable

See, I miss you though
But the only reason I am standing still, is because now I feel, invisible
Yeah, life is better - when you can live it tandem

And the only reason I know that, is cause I've been abandoned
Even though it might seem like I'm standing still
The truth is, that I am just glad to still be standing

Cause inside, it feels like suffocation
I'd let out, but I deserve to suffer, what I'm facing
See, in a way I hope I die

Cause when you're gone, you're done and dusted, it's over, there's no resuscitation
And maybe then, you could see me rise
Like I'll touch the skies, on my way to paradise

Until then, you'll see me standing still
My heart beats, but I feel, like I've been paralyzed..


[Verse 3: DMB]

My whole life, I've been spinning in a vortex
Now my brain's disconnected from the cortex
I had a flashback, and what I saw next

Was my life's work turned into a short text
And that's enough to make a man break
Can't fake, give me something that I can take

Damn straight, take a pill so I can plan fate
Dan wait, don't forget to cut the handbreak
But something's wrong, I know this can't be real

I should be going down but I'm still standing still
Please take away, what I can feel
I don't want to go through torture if I can't be killed

Yes we can fulfill, the prophecy
But I swear I did not receive what you offered me
Even though I'm gonna finish what I started

And right now I'm standing still, cause I think you have forgotten me..


[Outro: DMB]
Cause time will always keep moving, but I'm standing still..

I can feel the world as it's turning, but I'm standing still..
And in my mind, I feel like I'm flying, but I'm standing still..
So I'll see you when you're returning - cause until then I'll be standing still...

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