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II KINGS : Set Me Free lyrics

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II KINGS lyrics : "Set Me Free"

[Verse 1: Elusive]
As I drift off, to sleep
I see the other side, but I know I can't leap

If happiness is out of my reach
Then it looks like I just made a promise to myself that I can't keep
But I won't be seen as a sheep

I'mma stray from the herd, I can find what I seek
I ain't gotta look into your eyes, for me to realize
That nobody is more unique

If I could just show passion
Like when I was down to my last ration
Now I'm just mashing the keys to this keyboard

Hoping that somebody will save me from crashing
But I slam the breaks on, now I've lost control
You ain't gotta play me - I ain't no console

But I am crazy, and I've got a space in my heart
So large, that it could swallow the earth, moon and the sun, whole..

[Bridge: DMB]
I feel lost, I'm on my own
And I don't even know when I am going home

So is this life? Or is this a dream?
Or am I just stuck somewhere in between..

[Hook: DMB]
I know I can't cope, with the way I feel..
And I'm just hoping you can rescue me..

It feels like I'm drowning, out at sea..
So if you hear me, can you set me free..

[Verse 2: Elusive]
As I fall back, in sync
With a different time line, I feel my heart sink

This ain't where I wanna be
Everything I've ever known is gone, it disappeared in the blink
Of an eye, why am I here?

I am just not sure what to think..
And I know that I chose to go this road
But sometimes it seems every hose has a kink

And it's blocking the ink, so I can't write
I try to speak, but the words don't sound right
I've been falling all my life

And if I can't find somebody to catch me now, then the ground might
But to be downright honest
You'd be better off without me, I promise

So it's too bad I'll never die
Until the end of time is upon us..


[Hook x 2]

[Verse 3: DMB]
So now I'm living life - it's too short

If I could recollect all those moments in one thought
I'd live another thousand, just so I can count them
And at the end of time, you can find me in the mountains

Then we can be free, all together
Birds of a feather, we will stand through the the weather
I've been tempted, but always say never

You can dance with the devil, but that deal is forever..

[Bridge II: DMB]

And now I feel like this world has no place for me, yeah..
So I just hope that an angel might set me free..

[Hook x 4]

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