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II KINGS lyrics : "Selfish"

[Verse 1: D.M.B.]
Take a look into the broken mirror
Before the storm clouds and the night get nearer

Shards of glass makes the sight unclear
But we're 'bout to move into a golden era
Street lights are blinding - hypnotizing

Feel like they're trying to, stop me from finding
Keep left and there's only one way
Into the horizon the path keeps winding

There's one thing that I definitely know
At the end of time, there will be judgment of the soul
And the only thing thats accountable

Is everything you are, not everything you own
Don't be so Selfish
You don't know the hell this created all the needy and the helpless

Pride on the shelf (*##$
Our music's free - we dont need to sell this.. so why do they say I'm..

[Hook: D.M.B.]
Selfish, cause I'm not
Everything I have I would gladly give up

You can take it all, I just don't give a $#&@
I'm done with my life - I've never had any luck - and I'm about to erupt..

[Verse 2: Elusive]
I thought I had it figured out, but no
I guess life's not ready to let me, let go

On the surface, I might seem calm
But on the inside I feel like I'm gonna explode
I don't even know how to explain it

In terms you might understand
So I write these songs, to try to figure it out myself
And if I ever do, you will be the first to know

But if I do blow, up
Then I guess it just must be a by-product of growth
And until then this industry is

Gonna try to keep on $#&@ing us both
Cause II Kings ain't ever selling out
I would rather sell fish

But I make each one of these songs for you
So don't you ever try to say I'm..


[Verse 3: D.M.B. (w/ Elusive)]

I would give up everything I earn
As long as I remember everything I learn
(Cause the things I gave up that mattered most to me)

(I know will one day return)
And that day is coming so soon
If you don't prepare then its gonna consume

(Your body, like a werewolf)
(In the night underneath the full moon)
I'm lost, chasing a shadow

I feel like I just can't escape from this battle
(I'd been knocked down)
(But I'm 'bout to swallow my pride and jump straight back on that saddle)

But now that I know where I'm going
There's no need to pack my satchel
(Some might think I'm lost)

(But I would rather that they think that than say I'm..)


[Outro: D.M.B.]
Oohh.. They say I'm selfish..

Ooohhh.. They say I'm selfish..
They say I'm selfish..
But I'm not..

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