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IGORJUGULATORZOTOV lyrics : "She's waiting for you"

Verse 1

You're handsome and full of light,

You're young, but sometimes a feeling comes over you
Your battle is lost.

As fast as the wind tonight,
You're ready to win, you're stronger than you ever knew,
You've counted the cost.

Verse 2

But something went wrong again,
You're down on your knees, there's no time to run away,
You seem to be stuck.

You think that you live in vain,
No way, cause your love will surely help find the way,

Get rid of bad luck.


Fly on the wings of love,

Your mistress still waits for you,
No matter who's won.

Don't waste your time alone,
There's nothing you have to prove,
There's nowhere to run.

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