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Ignite lyrics : "Know Your History"

You want to take a stand
You haven't made a plan
Your new crusades bring misery

Better know your history

You spot your was disease

Bring this nation to its knees
The largest debt we've ever seen
Better know your history

Under the burning sun
Another dead hero

This road we're walking on
To reap what we have sown
A lockdown, here we go again

Foreign aid with strings attached
Cut down the working class

The World Bank creeps
In sheep's clothing
Better know your history

The masses, so dent and blind
We're back to the Roman times

The truth is now the enemy
Better know your history

My family lived through both regimes
The rising tide of lies and mass deceit
They'll tell you what to think

And what to say Know your history

You send the poor to fight

Then praise the religious right
A sacrilegious blasphemy
Better know your history

An empire of greedy thieves
Bring the nation to its knees

The new world corporatocracy
Better know your history

For the past to repeat
Is your destiny

I know we're going to pay
To history

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