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IDA CORR FEAT. SHAGGY lyrics : "Under the sun"

I searched for you
Down under the sun,

I screamed for you
Down under the sun,
Can you hear me,

Down under the sun (can you hear me)?

I grew up in the world a citizen a friend and a girl

Watching greed surpassing giving
Everyone consumed with their own living.
If money could talk they'd ask us all to share what we've got

'Cause I can't seem to find equality in the human kind.


They say in love and war you can justify and ignore
Your disabilities contradictory strengths and sins,

But it seems to me that warring is what we believe
No wonder if all we do is fight
That true love is so so hard to find.



First of all I add you to my agenda you're my primetime.

When the moon hit the stars at the skyline (right)
Isn't hard to recognize the right sign (aha),
Seem below perfection now you're all mine.

As the sun meets the sea in the evening
You and I can consummate our feelings,

Never thought it would be so revealing (that's right)
You touch me with your therapeutic healing.

Well baby let us emphasize,
Every time we fantasize,
Bottom line you are a prize

Such a different rule applies
Love the flex
Need the sex

Never know what's coming next
Baby girl now light the ride
Love it when our hearts collide

Be together can't divide
Everybody put aside.

Pull up, pull up
Pu-pull up, pull up

It's Ida Corr
She givin' you some more
It's Mr. Lover (Mr Lover)

I searched for you,
Down under the sun

I screamed for you.

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Thanks to maria.01215