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ice berg lyrics : "You and me"

You & me, we can make it last
You & me, must 4get tha past

[Ice Berg speaking]
Dis one here is for all my down $$# (*##$es

Who held a ^!$$% down, whether dey $#&@ed up in tha past wateva You kno,
For all my ride or die (*##$es who holdin a ^!$$% down cuz dey behind bars
If I don't even know you I $#&@ wit you cuz you'se a real (*##$

[Verse 1]
And I'm thinking bout tha time dat I 1st hit it

When yu was still going thru it with your 1st ^!$$%
And your exact words was bae man I'm fed up
And I told you $#&@ him just keep your head up

Dis for all my down (*##$es dats ride or die
Who still with dey ^!$$%, still seeing eye 2 eye
Even though he $#&@ed up and he probably lied

You still by his side
Cuz you learned how to swallow pride
Yea, you still got the title as wifey

He probably run the streets but he sleepin wit you nightly
And everybody know you # 1
So dere aint no sense of trippin

Cuz wateva happen done
And I don't think about it cuz I'm busy havin fun
And you blow a ^!$$% high wen you go to actin up

%#@! and when I say dis I aint shooting for stars
4real $#&@ the past the future is ours
Uh str8 up

You & me, we can make it last

You & me, must 4get tha past

[Verse 2]

Let me get it back
We done fought so many times, I forgot times
So many times havin fun, I 4got some

And sometimes we beef wen we get drunk
Den fcuk all night long wen we get done
Dis one goin out to the hoe who hold ha ^!$$% down

He locked up yea but still dats her ^!$$% now
G code she come thru every viso
She get pictures of others hoes and she send those

She hit stores wen dat commissary get low
A few time she even snuck in some indo
And it's sad cuz she reala than his homeboys

Matter of fact they don't even answer the phone for him
So I'm sayin you my motha$#&@in niqqa
Even if I aint neva meet you girl I $#&@s wiht you

And tell yo ^!$$%, Berg said keep his head high
He gotat a real (*##$
Just keep the faith alive

Uh str8 up


You & me, we can make it last
You & me, must 4get tha past

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