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ice berg lyrics : "Vice Versa"

Now what of you was me and vice versa
Would you still be a hater like I was out there to hurt you
Could you do it for your fans and still support your ?

Leave with naggers try to kill you could you look in the eye
Of the family of the victim .i am talking vice verse
If you was me could you take one and leave with two or three

Run with dump $$# !@$@s .. hit them up
I don't know how but somehow I got high ..
I stay surrounded by the gangster naggers .. I am talking vice versa

I got no time to turn it on .. !@$@ suffer .. vice versa
I am tired of hurting I told my momma I got .. like a man should
I figure they would I plan good I am just happy they still talking about me


Niger I am all one damn right !@$@ already know what is on .. this little

light of mine
Don't be the only reason so I could give a damn of what a hater got to say
.. short the road .. every time I get bored .. I just need a mouth ..

Make your .. $#&@ it what you are around for .. taking over the game
If it would be the vice versa I would be a $#&@ing lame
But it ain't .. my engine is my witness .. is a master on the boo

I put my dick on the tray .. and I $#&@ her and her friend .. !@$@s
couldn't even seen me
If they were right here in the room .. is just a little clear look at it

You see yourself like a fool mirror .. !@$@

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