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ice berg : My Favorite Topic lyrics

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ice berg lyrics : "My Favorite Topic"

^!$$%s now our days, they like attention more then they like money
What the $#&@ part of the game it's that ?
I don't know what this suck ?^!$$%s know

But I'mma stay that ..
Getting money in my favorite top
You 'aint bolowing ^!$$% what you talk

Bad (*##$es ..brokes ^!$$%
If you're rich who gives a $#&@ if she's a doll ^!$$%
I got to do all my ?

Spinning money, stupid before the ..
Right into my city how watch it ?
When it get high he suck it ?

And dear summer I promis you gonna love me, in past years I just thought that the hustle
Now I'm here ?
At sixteen I was selling wide at my door

Always been a ^!$$% hwo go it on his own
That's way ?.you feel me?
Getting money in my favorite toping

If you 'aint growing ^!$$% what you're talking
I got that seventeen ?when I was eighteen
With the rest of my avance I brough a ?

Move the ?
?cause I couldn't catch the devil

?to rock my hole blood just to having $#&@
Let me take you through the ..celebrity streets

^!$$%s trying to get you
You can be a damn victim

^!$$% pay atention cause if you put your head down for a minute , ^!$$% will linch you up
Getting money in my favorite top
You 'aint $#&@ing baby ?

I 'aint trying to take some ?
I try to ? that #~!!@ ?
I got do to all my?.

Spinning money stupid for?
What we gonna do ?

That's what we gonna do
That's the plan

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