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ice berg lyrics : "Life Is So Exciting (Freestyle"

I got a (*##$ in the back, I got a hoe in the front,
^!$$%s been seeking round hating, I'd rather smoke with a !@#%,
I feel my self knees wings please don't blow my hot boy,

and you better be careful go on we leave, I'll be showin out more
and when you're getting money, yeah you at the top, ^!$$%s always tryin to..
and the saddest party, that ^!$$%s play hard all the way to ..go March

I ride with mind in the car, post the line, you get lying with y'all
you don't wanna be victim the mind on the %#@! and we result two one times get hard ^!$$%
our private dime, that pride 1-12 with beautiful women,

how ride with fine, and followed by ^!$$%s who shoot in the minute,
lying house is our time, and we don't want %#@! to do with you ^!$$%
we use these sticks, your fam go after go and get some super..

in the berry your $$#, and carry your $$#,
your tongue won't get you hurt,
all them ^!$$%s who thought it was better than bad

and somewhere I'm slumped in the dirt,
and I'm gonna say this loud and clear,
even though we might go in and out your ears,

but ^!$$% ain't $#&@ you with this life out %#@!
especially once to drive the power hit,
Bit, miss me with that how talk,

I don't even take that for my hoes dog,
for the simple fact my hoes talk,
skinny ^!$$% with the slow walk,

hoes longing on to get broke on,
billionberg.com , still serving that bar
whipping hurting my all, in the kitchen I'm a god

I'm making drugs, I don't' writ prescriptions
I'm the head kidness in charge,
baby girl I was made for pimpin,

but you hold the place in my heart,
'cause you're the first when I call
when I need to get more rocks on, so we good.

Baby we good.
And we good.
That..^!$$%, hey

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