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ice berg : Letting It Go lyrics

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ice berg lyrics : "Letting It Go"

But $#&@ it, that's what it is
Roll so perfect, %#@! nobody it's perfect
Only damn perfect in this situattion it's the blood

You feel me ?
That's the only damn perfect in this situation right now
Maybe I can't lay you how he do

But I can be a man, and be real and tell you I wanna dream
I'm telling you what you want to hear
Then up doing you wrong

Leave you in the ?
So brake down ,wile I make you a drink
I know this %#@! that I say kind of making you think

..no, no baby
Just let it wander a bit

And if we got to take it public
But for now we just ?talking %#@!s..stariting $#&@ing with me

An usualy I won't say this but we can be together ? so we can see the weather
We never seeing snow, we gonna see a lot but you never see ?

I just wanna smoke ? like never before
I see you own the Rihanna %#@! like you're Marilyn Monroe
?so I carry that for

I swer I'm letting it go
I swer I'm letting it go

I swer I'm letting it go
Let me get it back

For no reason
?with empty bars
No (*##$es worry about ?

?I hear the last name ?and she's broken from my cousin
He just try to play crazy ..fell in love with a stripper
Cause she just try to get pay

She won't lie with his %#@!
And do it for some dollars

..real (*##$es , you feel me ?
Even if you won't do it dirty I suposse to kill

It is what it is ?making ^!$$% go hard
The smoke, the smoke
$#&@, $#&@

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