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IAMSU! & HBK GANG lyrics : "UP"

I beat the #[email protected] UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP
I beat the #[email protected] UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP

I beat the #[email protected] UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP
I beat the #[email protected] UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP
I beat the #[email protected] Up

[Verse 1: Iamsu]
Make it shake like a vibrator

Laugh now, I'm a make you cry later
Your boyfriend was a (*##$, ^!$$% bye hater
I'm a get deep in it, Tomb Raiders

All in the crib, Room Raiders
Yeah I'm a dog, I be howlin at the moon baby
Heart Break kids but I'm a grown man

Now watch me beat it from the back
Play with that #[email protected] with my hands
We can do it on the floor, or the chair ma

Matter of fact we can do it anywhere huh
Call me, I can get it juicy for ya
Set the camera up, I can make a movie for ya

I'm a nasty ^!$$%, I ain't never lie
Here to make you want to keep the baby, Kevin Federline
Young Su ^!$$%, No I don't $#[email protected] around

Your girl calling me begging me to $#[email protected] her now


[Verse 2: LoveRance]
Yeah I eat it, But much rather beat it

Dick your girl down, cause I know she really need it
Yeah I get her wet, wetter then she ever been
Now she telling me that she gonna tell all her friends

I'm like ok, bring em all along
As long as I can stick my tongue in between her thong
Yeah I'm nasty, I know you like it

Lick the bottom lip baby girl you gonna bite it
Yeah I go deep, I love her from the back
Watch that back, make her $$# clap

Make the #[email protected] squirt, yeah I got stroke
Tell me where it hurts
Spread them legs little mommie watch me work

Tell me what it is, show me what it could be
#[email protected] on my lips, juice Box tastes good to me
Put it on my tongue, Fill me on up

Put it in your gut, tear the #[email protected] up


[Verse 3: Skipper]
I'm me, you know I'm a big dog

I dive in head first like a free fall
Big wood, thicker then a tree log
Had her bouncing on my dick like a see saw

Baby I'm raw, like I don't use protection
We can get it right here in the VIP Section
I wanna $#[email protected] you right here, like Erk say

Mr Ice with the cream, no dessert please scream my name
Baby I'm Skipper, just one dance shawty reaching for my zipper
And now I'm a dick her

You can pick her up or I'll deliver
Panties in the way, if their new then I'm a rip em
I go hard in the paint, boyfriend muggin all hard cus u came

91 Premium all in the tank
Got to deposit that dick to call it a sperm bank

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