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I Set My Friends On Fire lyrics : "Ravenous, Ravenous Rhinos"

What the $#&@? are we playing?
Periodic reverberations of our gaseous medium!
Yes, I like sequences and repetitions...

But where the hell did you come from?
Auditory communication incorporated by...
These danfangled contraptions.

But I hope we aren't talking
About your pointless (*##$ing...
If I had a rocket launcher!

No wait! breathe still! calm down!
This is not what this is about!

Is it capable of being copied.
To another individuals memory?
Will they tell it to others?

Is this noise suppose to be a secret?
A secret!? I want the meaning you $$#hole!
Real evolutionary, evidentiary backup...

Float the thesis.
Provide antitheses.

Reach syntheses.


Will they sing it to others?
Create! cognize! and recognize!

If music was my mistress,
I'd have a reason to sing.
No my darling if music was a women...

You'd just be a fling [x3]

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