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I Set My Friends On Fire lyrics : "Narcissismfof"

Dirtier then your web browser history
Double-clicking !@$%s during hyperactivity.
Toggle the posterior of my adroitness,

Boast the most, exploit the obsess.

Rewire the entire thought process,

It would be soothing to remember a lot less

Non-elective designation,

Corks external respiration
Virtually nothing is realer then reading,
Run on sentences regarding an I'll concern

You've worried the truth,
You don't want to learn
Your highness will continue to burn

I resonate when you vibrate,
Some actions won't eliminate.

It was decided, and so it was done,
Fully pumped pneumatic caisson.
Bending progressions go flying spastic,

Impelled forward, sweeps automatic

Besides being companionless,

Public press feast provides my success

I'll trade my skylarking theories for your antediluvian abilities.

I don't have any as long as I spend them all on my dependencies.
Just because we're filming here
Doesn't mean it will benefit your career

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