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I Set My Friends On Fire lyrics : "HxC 2-step"

This sounds like the reaction your girlfriend
Makes when you just told her
That you have an STD in bed!

Girl you like a Starbucks you on every block,
Keepin' me up all night like that caffeine riding on ma @@#!.

Oh tonight it's more then money I can feel the romance.
So bend ova, spread yo legs, and watch me dance.

(*##$ I'll pull my jeans below my waist,
And give yo tounge a sour sour taste.
Not of this drink, but of my skeet,

Now watch me alternate my feet.


You bring the right foot up
Keep the left one down (So watch your back! )
Cross the right foot ova,

Then bring the left one around.

Girl I'm most likely known in your hometown.

Take off yo clothes and lay yo $$# down.
Now @@#! it back, lock and load.
2-step, 2-step while I EXPLODE!

Switch yo motion den reverse
And get ready fo da next verse
'Cause if you got yo $$# in a seat

Then get the $#&@ up and move your feet!



You could rock each other later

But in da crowd you finna get hit

So pick up your scrawny legs

Replace your left foot with your right
Just like I bump you under covers
You finna be 2-Steppin' all night!


Hardcore 2-Step! (16x)


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