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I Set My Friends On Fire lyrics : "Excite Dyke"

I don't feel uncompensated , when I saw you stay awake
Feel all the aspartic, why am I still awake?
You don't know what's coming to you, so you look just straight away

Stroke like a sissy and still the hell im awake?

Reality, it's a motion from the radian

You tried to kill yourself, from Essen ream

This is a seizure, this is a different seizure

Were you supposed to beat him?
You wouldn't believe him

Doesn't matter if he crashed your nebulas
Knowing that's hes more bitter than what's sweet
Get me some hot potentials, they'll try to make the antidote

This is a new washer, giving up keeps moving the corpful era

Just stick away man, that crazy $$# touching out of my sight
You can't tell him, your abrasions are wrong and I DON'T KNOW WHICH IS LIFE!

So sweety just pick up the pieces, the Christmas bakery YARON!

They say calculating your friends and dragging them quickly out of their well

And then we bribe them, cause they dragged me another realm.
They need to stare into his, Crystal balls of magicness
And they don't realize I was kind of abducted by the good...unless

Your ruining, was used to long, and your intensity is tarnishing quickly
My inquiring, is asked for rated no longer as a illumination but I don't want it

It recedes, from through the sea, take your $#&@ and get in front of me!
I'm going to turn into sea shin, you don't know about the last words of SILENCE!

Take a break, mother$#&@er, turn into asterism
I'm just racing on the orbit, like how the $#&@ did I get here?
Here you go, turn it in, or I will lose your presence,

Someone else got crazy for, your astray and egotism

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