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I See Stars lyrics : "Save The Cheerleader Save The World"

The hands come from the ground(x2)
Don't fear life
We came and saw

This has no meaning
I touch the sky
As it's burning

This bottles half way empty
Cause your glass is half way full

Can you please go without me
I swear that everything's alright
(It's not my money he owes)

And you say
The way we go

It's just as terrible
I can't turn around

Beware, before I allow them running away
Can you run

O whoa o, o whoa o, o wha-ah-oh-o-ah-o

Can't stop while the rhythm is going

Just say the first words that come along to your head
One touch and it's already over
I'm not ready, I'm barley sober

I just can't forget you,
I'd do anything to get you
I don't want to get you,

I just want to forget you.

We can't go back

(And we can't go back)
Take a deep breath
And go for her

And two weeks have past
(I've haven't seen you since)
In spreaded letters

Just forget her

One thing remains

Save the cheerleader,
Save the world!

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