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I See Stars lyrics : "Electric Forest"

Let go of everything you have inside
Let it show, you no longer have to hide

I'll be there with you till the end's upon us,
When our eyes collide, I know you well
Your stare sees directly through me

It's almost dead silence when the lights go out
I like to make believe that I have the show shut down

'Cause then I feel relieved when the bass slowly sounds
A crystal light shines and echoes through the crowd

The people erupt and I become a part of a machine that moves directly to the beat
And I am one with you and everyone whose heart is here

Let yourself go, this is the only time to feel alive
This brings me out to you
And I'll say

I'll scream it till my heart comes out of my chest
And leave it to the music to transcend the rest
This life is just the perfect fit...

For a mess like me
(So many reasons to live I need to let them show. I've

Made the hardest mistakes I need to let them go)

I feel the tempo rise

My eyes open wide
I feel the well that is my heart overflow
And now I'm losing control

These flashing lights
Got me lifted off the ground

What could go wrong?
What could go wrong when all of us are together?
Never thought it would come down to this

For the first time in my mind, everything's coming to life

I'll paint a picture in my head
For the best
I'll be the person to let us all see everything hard to define (x2)

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa